Anniversary | Cyber Peace four years old!

October 28, sunny, Saturday.

Four years ago, 2013, today, Nanjing  Cyber Peace Information Technology Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated;

Four years old, 2017 today, Nanjing, Beijing  Cyber Peace  a pro, with their own unique way (video conferencing) gathered together to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the establishment of  Cyber Peace.

October 28, 2013

Based on the national cyberspace security development strategy needs, focusing on network security attack and defense combat, Nanjing Cyber Peace Information Technology Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated, founding team core members —— Xie Zheng, general manager ,Tsinghua University Professor Duan Hai Xin, Dr. Zhuge Jianwei,and so on.

2014 is a year to explore the exploration, in addition to the above, we also received 8 patents, 2 invention patents, network security software copyright 7.

2015, is a year of development and harvest, we harvest Jiangning District, "a poly project", Nanjing "321" leader program, high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu private technology enterprises and many other honors, while access to network security software copyright 2 , And has the XCTF, WhiteHat two major trademarks.

2016, a year before the race rather pragmatic line, we have won the Chinese Cyberspace Security Association unit, double soft enterprise certification, the military standard quality management system certification,two  licensings .

Do not forget the beginning of mind, tempered forward. 2017, located in the "network attack and defense training experts," the Cyber Peace  is still ahead!

At present,  the Cyber Peace has a number of independent research and development products such as CP-OJ, CP-AD, CP-CR and other independent research and development products. Business - offensive and defensive training platform, security training, security services and solutions.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Cyber Peace, but also sincerely thank you have been to help, support and concern for all the partners and units of the growth, the development of Cyber Peace is inseparable from your strong support, thank you! We look forward to a better tomorrow!