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Company Benefits:

1. spacious and comfortable working environment

2. Open and inclusive team atmosphere

3. cattle predecessors take you fly

4. Game fitness coffee training exchange unlimited enjoyment


  • Job Title: Sales Manager (Nanjing)

Salary range: 4-7K basic salary, commission high

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company and department sales tasks to carry out sales work to complete the sales targets;

2. Integration of their target customers and target industries, enhance the company's brand awareness;

3. Responsible for the whole process of sales promotion, and to customer demand for program presentation and business communication.

job requirements:

1. College education, professional limited, computer-related professional priority

2. Learning ability and adaptability, have strong interpersonal communication skills

3. Logical thinking ability, there is a keen insight

4. love sales, work with passion, self-confidence, the courage to face the challenges of work

  • Job Title: python Development Engineer (Nanjing)

Salary range: 7-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1, participation in demand analysis, product design, functional development;

2, responsible for network attack and defense platform system development, routine maintenance;

3, production environment deployment, monitoring and optimization.

4, with the team technical exchanges, and common progress.

job requirements

1, computer-related professional, full-time undergraduate or higher degree;

2, master the Python language, familiar with MTV architecture, Django / Flask or other at least one Python development framework;

3, familiar with mysql, and the common database operation;

4, have a good coding habits and development of writing habits;

  • Job Title: openstack Development Engineer (Nanjing)

Salary range: 7-10K

Job Responsibilities:

Based on openstack virtualization platform platform design and development, job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science, Full-time University;

2. Learn about linux and python

3. Familiar with network and network equipment priority

4. Understand the virtualization technology or OpenStack related technology priority

  • Job Title: Safety Engineer (Nanjing)

Salary range: 9K +, no limit

Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for the construction of the content of the product system, including not limited to CTF event finishing, real loopholes and safety-related experimental courses finishing;

2. Take the CTF event or organize the operation and maintenance work;

3. To undertake network security attack and defense training;

4. To undertake such as penetration testing, and other security evaluation of security work;

5. Study the latest security attack and defense technology, write research reports.

job requirements:

1. Full-time undergraduate or higher degree, professional not limited

2. Have a solid computer and security skills

3. Recruitment direction includes not limited to Pwn, RE, Mobile, Web, Crypto;


1. Participated in the CTF class competition, and achieved good results, to complete the direction of a lot of good priority is preferred;

2. Have CVE number, or the major SRC and vulnerability reporting platform to submit high-quality vulnerabilities

3. Participate in cybersecurity related open source projects and contribute code

4. Github on the star more open source project

5. Regular updates and technical blogs with dry goods