Nanjing CyberPeace Technology Co., Ltd was established in October 2013 and built Beijing Cyber Peace Network Security Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary, in 2015. Cyber Peace received ten million level financing on pre-A round in 2016. The core team members of Cyber Peace come from Tsinghua university and top IT corporations such as Huawei, ZTE etc. 85% of employees have bachelor degree or above, 30% have a master's degree or above.Cyber Peace devote to achieving customer’s requirement and strategy on network security by comprehensive solution that focusing on network security A/D combat including product, service and training. 

CyberPeace has rich experience on network security A/D combat. The founding team of CyberPeace built Blue-Lotus, the most prestigious network security A/D combat team in China, who reached finals of DEFCON CTF (Network Security World Cup) for 5 years continually. In 2016, Blue-Lotus won the global second place of DEFCON CTF, also the first prize in Asia. 

The XCTF League undertaken by CyberPeace aims at enhancing overall skill of domestic network security personnel and shortening the gap with world-class teams. XCTF is the largest,  highest level, most influential League on network security A/D combat in China. attracting nearly 40000 teams and 80000 professionals from 100 countries involved. 

Company positioning

                  ————Cyber Kungfu Master

Core Experts: 

Xie Zheng--Chief Executive Officer 

Master of computer of Xi’an Jiaotong University, 10 years’ experience of IT corporation management and oversea marketing in one of the top CT company, unique insight and deep understanding in the field of communications industry, government and enterprise market.  

Duan Haixin--Chief Scientist / Professor of Tsinghua University

Visiting professor at the University of Berkeley. His research results influence the field of network security widely. Awarded bonus by Google and Tencent for his achievement on network vulnerability that recorded by US national vulnerability database. Awarded network security talent prize by China Internet Development Foundation (CIDF) in 2016. 

 Zhuge Jianwei--Chief Technology  Officer / Researcher of Tsinghua university

Team leader of Blue-Lotus. Participated in more than 20 high-tech projects, managed by government such as National Natural Science Foundation, ”He Gao Ji”, National Development and Reform Commission, or top enterprises like Huawei, Tencent and Microsoft etc.He’s also a famous author and translator on network security with more than 10 salable books.

Core Business:

  • XCTF International Tournament
  • Network security training and service 
  • Practical Training product and solution